1871? Oct. 30th. b. Sete.
   Last of the Symbolist poets. 
   One of the Inspirations for the {{Main_Page|surrealists]] especially Andre Breton; 
   as much by his 20-year silence as by his poetry and the story Evening with Mr. Teste. 
   When he broke his silence with what they judged to be inferior new poems and clumsy 
   revisions of old ones, the surrealists ejected him from their literary pantheon.

 1914 Meeting with Andre Breton.

 1919 Included in first edidion of Litterature.

 1921 Best man at wedding of Andre Breton to Simone Kahn.

 1924 Mentioned by Breton in the Manifesto of 1924.

 1927 Attended Theatre Alfred Jarry founded by Antonin Artaud, Roger Vitrac 
   and Robert Aron?.

 1945 d. Paris. 

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