1895 b. Dec 14th. Eugene E‰mile Paul Grindel.
    He was born in Saint-Denis, just outside of Paris, son of Clement Grindel and wife Jeanne Cousin.
    He was one of the founders of the Surrealist movement.
    French Poet and Writer

 1911 Aged 16, Eluard contracted tuberculosis and around this time wrote his first poems. 
    He was particularly inspired by Walt Whitman ->. 

 1916 Fought at Verdun -> on the opposing side from Max Ernst 
    who was to become his closest friend.

 1917  m. a Russian woman, Helena Diakonova, known as Gala, whom he had 
    met whilest in hospital in Clavadel sanatorium in Davos
    Involved with the Dada Movement, meeting Tristan Tzara, Benjamin Peret, 
    and Philippe Soupault.

 1918 Corresponded with  Andre Breton and met Louis Aragon, and Jean Paulhan.
    birth of Cecile.

 1919 March; Introduced by Jean Paulhan to Andre Breton.

 1920 Pictured with Paul Chadourne, Tristan Tzara, Philippe Soupault, 
    Serge Charchoune, Jacques Rigaut, Marie-Louise Soupault, Georges Ribemont-Dessaignes
    Contributes to Projecteur - Celine Arnauld.

 1921 April; photo in front of Notre-Dame: Jean Crotti, Andre Breton, Paul Eluard, 
    Georges Ribemont-Dessaignes, Benjamin Peret, Theodor Fraenkel, 
    Louis Aragon, Tristan Tzara, Jacques Rigaut Philippe Soupault, d'Esparlies
    Oct; with Gala visits Max Ernst in Cologne.

 1922 Menage a trois with Max Ernst and Gala.
    Collaborates on first edition La Coeur a barbe.
    Painting: At the Rendezvous of Friends by€“ Max Ernst. 
    Meets Man Ray.

 1923 Photographed with: -
    Simone Breton, Gala Eluard, Max Ernst, Andre Breton, 
    Robert Desnos, Paul Eluard and Joseph Delteil.
larger ->
    Visited Giorgio de Chirico in Rome.

 1924 Photographed with Jacques Baron, Raymond Queneau, Andre Breton, 
    Jacques-Andre Boiffard, Giorgio de Chirico, Roger Vitrac, Philippe Soupault, 
    Robert Desnos,Louis Aragon, Pierre Naville, Simone Collinet-Breton, 
    Max Morise and Marie-Louise Soupault.
    Journey from Marseilles to Tahiti, Indonesia, and Ceylon; on the loss of his wife Gala 
    to Salvador Dali.
    Contributes to Un cadavre with An old man like the rest on the death of Anatole France.

 1925 Signed the Declaration of January 27 1925 met Yves Tanguy.
    May; With Philippe Soupault, Robert Desnos and Roger Vitrac storms a 
    lecture by Robert Aron ->; Gets beaten up.
    His poems of this time reflect his difficulties during the period, in which he had 
    another bout of tuberculosis.
    Published a volume of poetry, a collaboration with Max Ernst Au Defaut du silence 
    a hommage to Gala. One edition had manuscripts by Gala and Rene Crevel 
    and original drawings by Max Ernst and Giorgio de Chirico.
    With Benjamin Peret published .

 1926 Wrote of de Sade as a "fantastique" and "revolutionary."

 1927 Jan; joined the Communist Party together with Marcel Duhamel, Andre Breton, 
    Michel Leiris, Jacques Prevert, Yves Tanguy, Pierre Unik, Louis Aragon.
    Signs Manifesto Hands Off Love in defense of Charlie Chaplin. 

 1929 Meets Luis Bunuel.

 1930 Contributed to Le Surrealisme au service de la revolution?
   From left to right: Tristan Tzara, Paul Eluard, Andre Breton, (Hans) Jean Arp,  
   Salvador Dali, Yves Tanguy, Max Ernst, Rene Crevel, Man Ray.
   Together with Andre Breton wrote an advertising flier for "Artine" - Rene Char and 
   also for La Femme Visible - Salvador Dali.
   Collaborating with Joan Miro.
   Nov; Publishes L'Immaculee Conception -> written in conjuction with Andre Breton.
   First meets Nusch.

 1932 August 1st. The 12th Session of Investigating Sex  with Andre Breton, 
   Yves Tanguy and Gui Rosey. 
   divorced from Gala.
   Samuel Beckett translates some of his poems which are published in a special 
   surrealist edition of This Quarter.

 1930's E‰luard abandoned Surrealistic experimentations as a result of his concern 
   over the Spanish Civil War and political problems. 

 1934 Organised an exhibition of Surrealist drawings at Galerie des 4 Chemins; 
    amongst them Leonor Fini of whom he coined the expression Quand c'est Fini, ca commence.
    m. Nusch who had modelled for his friends Man Ray and Pablo Picasso.  
    She became a mascot for the surrealist movement.
    Signatory to Appel a la Lutte against the rise in fascism.
    Cadavre Exquis with Andre Breton, Valentine Hugo and Nusch.

 1935 Hans Bellmer came to Paris and met with Eluard and the leading surrealists.
    Discovers Gisele Prassinos.
    Publishes Facile -> a book of Poems with photos of Nusch by Man Ray. 
    A copy was dedicated to Andre Thirion <nd Katia Thirion; A  Tita a l'amie, l'ami Paul Eluard.
    Visits Barcelona to give a lecture and poetry reading meeting Remedios Varo and Esteban Frances.
    Publishes Nuit partagees with illustrations by Salvador Dali.

 1936 Vists Spain. Corresponds with Sylvain Itkine and Valentine Hugo.
    London International Surrealist Exhibition.
    Committee: (English) Hugh Sykes Davies, David Gascoyne, Humphrey Jennings, 
    Rupert Lee, Diana Brinton Lee, Henry Moore, Paul Nash, Roland Penrose, 
    Herbert Read, Edouard Mesens. 
    (French) Andre Breton, Paul Eluard, Georges Hugnet, Man Ray
    Dedicates Le tableau Noir to Leonor Fini in the catalogue of her show at 
    Julien Levy's New York gallery.
    Pablo Picasso's illustrations of Paul Eluard's poem, "La Barre d'Appui".
    George Reavey publishes translations of his work as Thorns of Thunder 
    with a drawing by Pablo Picasso, a preface by Herbert Read, and translations by himself, 
    Samuel Beckett, Devlin, David Gascoyne, Man Ray and Ruthven Todd.

 1937 Holidays on The Fal River, Cornwall with Max Ernst, Man Ray, Henry Moore, 
    Irina Radetsky, Eileen Agar, Leonora Carrington, Roland Penrose, Lee Miller, 
    Nusch, Man Ray, Ady Fidelin, Edouard Mesens, Joseph Bard and Eileen Agar.
    Brief affair with Eileen Agar.
    Publishes Les Mains libres -> with illustrations by Man Ray.

 1939 Intervenes to free Max Ernst from internment at Les Milles.
    Writes a poem about Humphrey Jennings which is published in The London Bulletin.

 1940 Poem to Max Ernst.

 1941 Dedicated Marinesâ to Alberto Giacometti.

 1941 June, party at apartment of Robert Desnos and Youki with Georges Hugnet, 
   Sonia Mosse and Nusch.

 1942 poem Libertee and Les sept poe¨mes d'amour en guerre 
   During World War II, E‰luard served in the French army and in the Communist Resistance. 
   To avoid the Gestapo, E‰luard and Nusch constantly changed addresses. 
   Published poems under pseudonyms as Jean du Hault and Maurice Hervent. 
   Eluard's works from these years, Libertee ->  and his book of poems 
   Rendez-vous Allemand, were spread throughout France. 

 1943 Introduced by Jean Paulhan to Jean Dubuffet.

 1944 Photographed by Brassai at his apartment and also with Nusch.
    ->Photograph in Picasso´s apartment Lee Miller, Roland Penrose, Louis Aragon: 
    sitting: Pablo Picasso, Nusch, Paul Eluard and Elsa Triolet.
    Introduced Dora Maar to Jacques Lacan
    Dec: Publishes ''L'Eternelle Revue ~>.

 1946 Nusch died.  

 1947 Le temps deborde  Inspired by his grief at Nusch's death.
    Poemes, peintures et dessins with collaboration fom Paul Delvaux.
    Published Corps memorable

 1948 Affair with Diane Deriaz; Later the long term mistress of Roland Penrose.
   Congress of Intellectuals for Peace in Wroclaw. Persuaded Pablo Picasso 
   to also participate. 
   There he met Dominique Laure.

 1949 Illustrates Les Jeux de la poupee for Hans Bellmer.
    Meets and befriends Pablo_Neruda in Budapest at centenary celebrations for the poet Sándor Petőfi ->.


 1950 Georges Hugnet inscribes his Spumifer La Miloche Emancipée -> to Paul and Dominique Eluard. 

 1951 June; m. Dominique Laure in St Tropez. Pablo Picasso and Francoise Gilot 
    were witnesses.
    He dedicated his work The Phoenix to Dominique.

 1952 Nov. d. from a heart attack.
    He is buried in Pere Lachaise Cemetery.

 1953 His friend Fernand Leger illustrates Libertee.
 1957 Corps memorable republished in new edition with photographs by Lucien Clergue.
 2014? Cecile Elouard Guardian Article -> Watching boxing with Picasso and a ménage-à-trois 
   at home: my life with the surrealist elite.

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