1886 April 13th. b. Camille Janssen in Liege, Belgium.
    Belgian Writer Poet and Literary Critique. 

 1910 Moved to Paris.

 1920 Contributes to Projecteur.
    Publishes L'Espirit Nouveau with Amedee Ozenfant and Le Corbusier ->.
    (His writing influenced Mario de Andrade ->).
    His Dada Manifesto Qu'est-ce que Dada!->.

 1927 Photographed -> by Andre Kertesz.
    L - R Paul Dermée, Enrico Prampolini -> and Michel Seuphor ->.

 1937 m. Celine Arnauld.

 1951 December 27th. d. in Paris.

    See wiki (Fr). ->.

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