1913 b. Santa Monica 
    American Writer and Art historian.

  1932 Meets Georges Malkine who remains a lifelong friend.
    Around this time meets Isabelle Farner.
    Meets Georges Bataille, Raymond Queneau, Boris Souvarine ->, Max Ernst, Yves Tanguy, 
    Andre Masson, Jacques Prevert, Pierre Prevert and Robert Desnos.

  1935 - 1937 In Sweden and then California.

  1936 Member of Acephale.

  1939 Returns to France. Volunteers in French Army.

  1942 Isabelle and Patrick joined the Surrealists.

  1943 Roberto Matta stays in their apartment while Patrick was overseas 
    working for the Office of War Information.

  1951 Patrick Waldberg expelled over "The Carrouges affair".

  1958? Publishes Biography of Max Ernst.

  1959 Retires to S. of France having remarried to Line Jubelin.

  1966 Organized an exhibition in the Galerie Mona Lisa.
    Visted in S. France by Max Ernst and Dorothea Tanning.

  1985? d. in Seillans, Var.

  1992? Un amour acephale: Correspondance 1940 - 1949
     Letters between himself and isabelle.   

     See Brief Bio -> and wiki ->.

     See Timeline