1891 b. December Untermhaus, Germany.
    German Painter.

 1912 Self Portrait    
 1916 Took part in the Battle of the Somme ->

 1920 Exhibited at First International Dada Fair. 
    Meets and befriends George Grosz
    Skat Players 
Larger ->.
 [[1922] Self Portrait 
Larger ->.
 1923 The Trench 
Larger ->
    Purchased by the Wallraf-Richartz Museum causing the museum director to resign.
    m. Martha Koch.

 1924  fifty etchings based on his war experiences. 
   Storm Troops advancing under Gas.
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 1924 Portrait -> of his Patron Mutter Ey.

 1925 Exhibited with in Mannheim New Objectivity ->. 
   The Dancer Anita Berber 
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 1926 Portrait of the Journalist Sylvia von Harden.
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 1927 Street Fight 
Larger ->.
 1928 Highly critical of Weimar. 
   Metropolis ->.

 1933 The Seven Cardinal Sins 
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   Nazis dismiss him from his post at the Dresden Academy. 
   He moved to a small village Nr lake constance on the Swiss border.

 1937 Two of his Paintings The Trench and War Cripples 
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   were shown in the Munich show of Degenerate Art -> and later burned.

 1945 Captured by the French and interned.

 1946 Released; The Prisoner 
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 1969? d. July 25th. Singen, Germany.

   Posthumous 1999? Inspires Roland Heyder

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