1921 b. Sophia, Bulgaria   
   Bulgarian Poet and Writer
 1930 Noved to Paris and educated there.

 1946 April; Meets  Hans Bellmer and becomes his muse. 
   Travels and lives with him in Toulouse and is introduced to his friend Joe Bousquet 

 1947 Intimate photos of her taken by Bellmer.

 1949 Breaks with Bellmer.
   Visits Portugal; meets and has intermittant affair with Alexandre O'Neill.

 1950 Devoted her life to work as a sociologist.

 1953 Julien Gracq becomes her companion.
   Mitrani and Bellmer finish the anagramatic poem Rose au coeur violet.

 1959 visits Venice; 
   Photographed -> with Julien Gracq and Andre Pieyre de Mandiargues.

 1960 Feb; took part in the BBC broadcast In defense of Surrealism.  
   with Robert Benayoun, Joyce Mansour, and Octavio Paz - moderator Jacques Brunius.
   She stressed the case for scandal.

 1961 d. Paris; suicide - she was dying of cancer.

   Most of her contributions to surrealistic Publications were published as Rose au coeur violet.
   in 1988 prefaced by Julien Gracq.

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