1899? b. Wolfisheim, Alsace. his first language was German
   French Writer and Poet.
                The Virgil of Surrealism
   Met Jean Arp in Zurich; associated with Dada.

 1911 First poems written in German.

 1918 Returning to Strasbourg he continued his studies. 
    Mentored by Denise Levy
    Met Louis Aragon who invited him to Paris.

 1920 Ggoes to Paris meeting Andre Breton, Robert Desnos, Benjamin Peret.

 1923 Oct; Accompanies Louis Aragon to Paris.

 1923-1932 Active with the Surrealists.

 1925 Signs open letter to Paul Claudel French ambassador in Japan.
    Letter to Andre Breton : En faveur de la creation d'un parti revolutionnaire.

 1927 Signs Manifesto Hands Off Love in defense of Charlie Chaplin.

 1928 Feb; Fifth Session of Investigating Sex : Maxime Alexandre, Andre Breton, 
    Marcel Duhamel, Max Ernst, M, Marcel Noll, Benjamin Peret, 
    Jacques Prevert, Raymond Queneau, Georges Sadoul, Pierre Unik.

 1929 Signed the Second Surrealist Manifesto.
    Friends with Simone Kahn; breaks with Andre Breton.

 1929 Meets Luis Bunuel.

 1931 He and other Surrealists Louis Aragon, Georges Sadoul,  and Pierre Unik 
   were in the PCF (Partie Communiste Francais).
   Publishes Le Corsage.

 1932 Dec; writes to Andre Breton congratulating him on Vases Communicants.

 1939 m. Berthe Dietrich in Strasbourg. 

 1940 Captured and imprisoned by the Germans. 
   Set free he took refuge in the Midi where he met up with Louis Aragon,
   Jacques Prevert and Andre Gide. 
   Heavily traumatized by his experiences.

 1949 Converted to Catholicism.

 1968 Published Memoires d'un surrealiste.

 1976 d. Strasbourg.

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   Mon ombre forme un coquillage sonore
   Et le poète écoute son passé
   Dans la coquille de l'ombre de son corps.

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