1900 b.   
   French Painter, Writer & Actor, 
    associated with the Surrealist movement in Paris from 1924 to 1929. 
    He was friends with Robert Desnos and Roger Vitrac before they 
    joined the Surrealist movement.

 1921 First edition of magazine "Aventure" with Marcel Arland, Georges Limbour, 
    Rene Crevel and Roger Vitrac.

 1922 At The Rendezvous of Friends.

 1923 Photographed -> with Max Ernst, Simone Khan?, 
    Paul Eluard, Joseph Delteil, Gala Eluard, Robert Desnos
    and Andre Breton.
    Contributed articles to La Revolution Surrealiste. 
    Round table discussions regarding the nature of sex. 

 1924 Affair with Simone Breton.
    Set off on foot from Blois (a town chosen randomly) with Andre Breton, 
    Louis Aragon,  and Roger Vitrac and wandered haphazardly for several days.
    Andre Breton quotes Morise twice in the first Surrealist Manifesto;
    Photographed -> with Georges Malkine (left)  Andre Masson , Andre Breton, Georges Neveux  
    Photographed with Jacques Baron, Raymond Queneau, Andre Breton, 
    Jacques-Andre Boiffard, Giorgio de Chirico, Roger Vitrac, Paul Eluard, 
    Philippe Soupault, Robert Desnos,Louis Aragon, Pierre Naville, 
    Simone Collinet-Breton, and Marie-Louise Soupault.

 1925 Signed the Declaration of January 27 1925 in which Andre Breton 
    states Ask Max Morise. 
    March; visits Megeve near Swiss border with  Janine Kahn and her sister Simone Kahn.
    June; Part of the riot at the Saint-Pol Roux? banquet.
 1926 Cadavre Exquis.  
    with ->Andre Breton, Yves Tanguy, Marcel Duchamp, Max Morise, Man Ray, Joan Miro.

 1926-1927 Nude; Max Morise and Yves Tanguy.

 1927 Cadavre exquis sans titre with Andre Breton and Marcel Noll
    Signs Manifesto Hands Off Love in defense of Charlie Chaplin.

 1928 Figure, Cadavre Exquis, Andre Breton, Max Morise, Pierre Naville, 
    Benjamin Peret, Jacques Prevert, [Jeannette Ducrocq|Jeannette Tanguy]] 
    and Yves Tanguy. 
    Exquisite corpse : Man Ray, Yves Tanguy, Joan Miro and Max Morise, 
    Cadavre Exquis, Man Ray, Joan Miro,
    Went to La Ciutat with  Suzanne Muzard et Simone Breton.

 1929 Cadavres Exquis were reproduced in a special issue of Varietes
    titled "Le Surealisme en 1929". 
    One of these begins with a woman's head by Yves Tanguy, which dissolves 
    in to a jungle scene by Max Morise, returning to a female anatomy schematically 
    indicated by Joan Miro, and terminating in "legs" in the form of a fishtail 
    and an engineer's triangle by Man Ray".

 1931 Holiday with Raymond Queneau in Canadel.

 1932 Member of and signatory of the manifesto of Groupe Octobre.

 1933 Morise also acted in several films including Ciboulette.

 1936 Appeared in film Le Crime de Monsieur Lange.

 1937 Appeared in film Drele de drame.

 1973 d.

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