1921 b. Jan 4th in Limoges.   
    French surrealist sculptor and ceramicist.
    Great friend of Laurence Iche.

 1939 Studying in Poitiers. Meets Andre Breton.

 1943 In Paris. 
    Meets Oscar Dominguez who introduces her to Pablo Picasso.
    Photographed -> by Man Ray.
    Gestapo arrest her husband Arsène Bonneaud. He is transported to Germany 
    where he dies in Buchenwald in 1945.

 1945 m Oscar Dominguez.
    Lived in Santa Cruz, Tenerife.
    Starts modelling in ceramics.
    Sept. Party in Limoges at house of Izis Biedermans ~>.
    Maud Westerdhal, Oscar Dominguez, Dood Bonnaud, Maître Charlet ~>, 
    brothers Rougerie and Raoul Hausmann, Hedwig and Marthe Prévost.

 1947 June, with Dominguez in London and they spend time with Valentine Penrose. 

 1947-1949  Exhibited jewellery and ceramics in Pari­s, Londres, Prague, 
    Bratislava and Madrid.

 1950 Jan. with Dominguez visits Roland Penrose at Farley Farm.

 1952 Divorced.
    Meets Eduardo Westerdahl
    Photograph ~> by Eileen Agar with Valentine Penrose.

 1955 Nov. m. Eduardo Westerdahl in Paris.
     Maud and Westerdahl visit Belgium and then the Penrose's at Farley Farm.

 1957 Valentine Penrose stays with them for the first half of the year in 

 1991? Nov.13th. d. Madrid.

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