1902 b. 05 January, Vivero, Lugo, Spain. as  Ana Maria Gomez Gonzalez.
   Spanish Painter.
 1922 Went to Madrid to study; meeting Salvador Dali, Federico Garcia Lorca, 
   Margarita Manso, Luis Bunuel, MariĀ­a Zambrano, and Rafael Alberti.
   Salvador Dali's Suenos Noctambulos -> includes both her and Luis Bunuel.

 1926 Her good friend was Marguerita Manso ->.

 1927 Acclaimed as part of the movement Generacion 27 ->.

 1928 La Verbena ->

 1932 Exhibited in Paris in Galerie Pierre; acclaimed by Andre Breton.
    Collaborated in the journal Gaceta de arte published in Canary Islands.

 1936 Exhibited in the International Surrealist Exhibition, London.

 1945 Photographed with Pedro Naruda? in Chile.

 1995 d. 06 6 Feb. Madrid.

    See wiki (Sp). -> and Bio (Sp). -> and  also ->.
    See The Crucified Mind: -> Rafael Alberti and the Surrealist Ethos in Spain
    - Robert Havard (2001). 

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