1899? b. 3 Dec Derby, England.
    English Painter.

 1919 Degree in modern languages at University College, Nottingham.
    Travelled, Belgium, France and Italy and exhibited at Derby Art Gallery

 1930 Attended part-time lifeclasses at Derby School of Art whilst teaching 
   modern languages. 
   Influenced by Alfred Bladen, her drawing tutor at the School of Art.

 1938 Became an art teacher.

 1939 Exhibited in London. Visited Sark.
   Influenced by Rene Magritte, Paul Nash and Salvador Dali.
   Between 1938 and 1970 Adnams painted the surrealist works for which she is principally 
   known, exhibiting at the British Art Centre in London, alongside Duncan Grant, Augustus John, 
   Henry Moore, Jacob Epstein, and Eileen Agar.

 1940's Exhibited at Manchester City Art Gallery and then at Jack Bilbo's 
   Modern Art Gallery during the war.

 1946 Aftermath ~>.
   Became Senior Lecturer and Head of Department at Derby Training College.

 1950's Became Head of Art at the Derby Diocesan College of Education. 

 1960 When she ceased teaching she used her freedom to pursue new artistic directions. 
    Much of her work, from the 1960s onwards was strongly influenced by the life and 
   landscape of Provence, in southeastern France, where she had a second home in which 
   she spent several months each year.

 1964 - 1965  painted a series of murals in the modern Immanuel Church in Hawthorn 
    Crescent, Stapenhill, Burton
    She later returned to live in her parent's house.

 1970 Partial blindness stops her painting.

 1971? Retrospective exhibition at Nottingham. 

 1995 d. Derby, England.

 [[2017 Retrosspective exhibition at Derby Museum and Art Gallery.

   The Distraught Infanta   
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