1922 b. Aug 4th in Cedarville, California
     American - Painter

  1944 Graduated Sacramento Community College with B.A. in Fine Arts.

  1949 Studies with Yanko Varda. Meets Wolfgang Paalen.

  1952 Followed Paalen to Paris.
     Meets Andre Breton, Alberto Giacometti, Max Ernst, 
     Marcel Duchamp, Jean Arp
     Becomes close to Breton and his wife Elisa spending the summer 
     with them in Saint-Cirq-Lapopie.

  1953 Group Photo ~>
      Mary Wilson, Toyen, Wolfgang Paalen, Benjamin Peret, Maryse Sandoz, 
      Georges Goldfayn?, Jean Schuster?, Anna Seghers ~>, Michel Zimbacca, 
      Jean-Louis Bedouin.
      She and Paalen stay in the atelier of Kurt Seligmann for nearly two years
      and she becomes acquainted with his History of Magic.

  1954 Meets Nanos Valaoritis.

  1957 Paints Birth of the Celestial Monkey and ''Rites of Passage

  2017? d. Athens

     See Interview ~> and pdf (Fr) ~>.