1883? b. October 31st. Paris.  
   French painter and printmaker.
   Illegitimate daughter of Pauline Laurencin and Alfred Toulet. 
 1901 Studied porcelain painting in Savres before returning to Paris and the 
   Academie Humbert where she changed to oil painting; meeting Georges Braque 
   and Georges Lepape ->.

 1907 Introduced by Pablo Picasso to Guillaume Apollinaire.
   Through Picasso and Apollinaire, Laurencin frequents the Bateau Lavoir, 
   where she meets Fernande Olivier, Max Jacob, Andre Salmon, Maurice Raynal, 
   Maurice Cremnitz, Gertrude Stein, and Andre Derain, among others.

 1908 Group of Artists is purchased by Gertrude Stein, her first sale. 
   The painting is a group portrait of Laurencin, Apollinaire, Picasso and his 
   mistress Fernande Olivier.
 1909 Posed with Guillaume Apollinaire for Henri Rousseau's painting "The Muse Inspiring the Poet."
   Paints a larger version of Group of Artists entitled Apollinaire and His Friends, 
   to which she has added the figures of the poets Marguerite Gillot and Maurice Cremnitz.

 1911 Starts illustrating books.

 1913 Splits with Guillaume Apollinaire. 
   Establishes a contract with art dealer Paul Rosenberg which lasts to 1940.

 1914 Marries the German Baron Otto von Waëtjen, whom she had met the previous year.
   During the First World War, Laurencin left France for exile in Spain with  Otto.
   Affair in Barcelona with Francis Picabia inspiring his work Four in the Hand.
   Since through her marriage she had automatically lost her French citizenship. 
   The couple subsequently lived together briefly in Dusseldorf. 

 1916 During the summer in Tossa del Mar near Barcelona worked in a small circle 
   of refugee artists that included Francis Picabia, Robert Delaunay, 
   Sonia Delaunay, and Albert Gleizes.

 1917 Contributes some poems to Picabia´€™s art review, 391.

 1918 Associates with Sonia Delaunay, Robert Delaunay and Francis Picabia.

 1919 One of the Saturday regulars at Jean Cocteau's apartment together with 
   Raymond Radiguet, Darius Milhaud, Georges Auric, Valentine Hugo, 
   Jean Hugo, Thora Dardel, Nils Dardel, Irene Lagut, Marcelle Meyer, Paul Morand.

 1920 Divorces Otto.

 1921 Returns to Paris where she lived for the rest of her life.
   Painted Tylia Perlmutter.

 1922 Opening of Le Boeuf sur le Toit with Nina Hamnet, Marie Beerbohm, 
   Pablo Picasso, Madame Picasso, Jean Cocteau, Moyses, Raymond Radiguet, 
   and Constantin Brancusi. 

 1923 By this time one of her paintings had been bought by Albert Barnes ->. 
   Attended dinners given by Pascin.

 1923 - 1924 Designs the set and costumes for Sergei Diaghilev and is 
   much in demand as a costume and set designer, as well as a society portraitist, 
   whose clients includes Coco Chanel.
   Laurencin had important connections to the salon of the American expatriate 
   and famed lesbian writer Natalie Barney.

 1925 A photograph of her appears in march issue "Charm - Paris Women in the Arts" - 
   an article by Florence Gilliam ->.
   Around this time she probably had an affair with Nicole Grault.
   Takes responsibility for raising and educating Suzanne Moreau, the young daughter 
   of one of her maids.

 1928 She also illustrated books, such as Andre Gide's "La Tentative Amoureuse" and 
   Lewis Caroll's "Alice in Wonderland."
   Photographed by Man Ray.
 1930 Illustrates a pamphlet for Rene Crevel.

 1932 - 1935 Teaches at the art academy Villa Malakoff.çç

 1940 - 1950 Corresponded with Natalie Barney.  

 1954 Officially adopts Suzanne Moreau as her daughter.

 1956 d. June 8th in her apartment in Paris. 
   She is buried in the cemetery Pere-Lachaise according to her wishes, dressed in 
   white with a rose in one hand with and Apollinaire´€™s love letters by her heart.

 1983? On the 100th anniversary of her birth, the Musee Marie Laurencin opened 
   in Nagano Prefecture, Japan.

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