1895 b. May 24th in  Bucharest 
    Romanian Painter and Architect.       
  1913 Photograph Tristan Tzara Georges Janco, Marcel Janco, Jules Janco, their friends 
    Poldi Chapier and Ion Vinea, in Bucharest. 
    Meets Jean Arp in Zurich.

  1916 in Zurich, participates in the birth of Dada with Hugo Ball, Richard Huelsenbeck, 
    Tristan Tzara, Jean Arp, Sophie Taeuber and participates in cabaret Voltaire.
    Associates with Hans Richter, Emmy Hennings.
    Painting of Cabaret Voltaire which includes Gabriella Buffet and Emmy Hennings onstage.
    Together with Tristan Tzara and Marcel Janco writes and performs the simultaneous 
    sound poem The admiral in search of a house to rent in German, French and English.

  1919 Forms the group Artistes Radicaux, with Jean Arp and among others Alberto Giacometti.

  1922 Founds the review Contimporanul.
    Returned to Romania, where he gained fame as a painter and architect.

  1942 Refugee in Tel Aviv.

  1948 one of the founders of the New Horizons Group with Ofakim Hadashim ~>.

  1953 Established the Ein Hod artists' village near Haifa, Israel

    helped found the Dada museum in Ein Hod

  1984 d. April 21st. in Tel Aviv

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