1893? b. Dec. 2nd. Cologne.
    German Dada Collagist Writer, violinist. 
    The Rosa Bonheur of Dada or Armada Duldgedalzen.

 1913 meets Max Ernst and Hans Arp at University of Bonn where 
    she was studying Art history.

 1918 m. Max Ernst. 

 1920 Exhibits collages in Cologne's first Dada exhibition under the name 
    Armanda Geduldgedalzen organized by Ernst and Johannes Theodor Baargeld.
    June; birth of their son Jimmy Ernst.

 1922 Summer holiday with Max and Jimmy near Tarrenz, joined by Paul Eluard, 
    Gala, Tristan Tzara, Hans Arp and Sophie Taeuber.
    Goes to Insbruck for an abortion.
    Max leaves and goes to Paris to live with Gala and Paul Eluard.
    Brings up Jimmy with Maja Aretz her house keeper, nanny, assistant.
    Lou establishes herself as an art and  theatre critic and journalist.
    Visitors to her apartment include Kurt Weill, Hans Eisler ->, Bertolt Brecht ->.
    Lovers included Arno Breker ->.

 1925 Max returns to Cologne and stays awhile.

 1926 Divorce finalized.

 1928 Moves to new aparment in suburb of Sulz.

   Photographed with Jimmy by August Sander ->.

 1931 Publishes short story Two Women, an Encounter.

 1933 Feb. Two nights after the Reichstag fire -> SS goons raided their 
    apartment taking her passport but later returning it.
    May; leaves for Paris. Lives near Sorbonne. 
    Survives by teaching German, some writing, and as a German tour guide.
    Jimmy visits Paris twice a year.
    Around this time she helped Hans Augustin who was fleeing the Nazis. His family 
    firm then apprenticed Jimmy.
    Befriends Marie Berthe Aurenche.

 1934 befriended and helped by Wanda Landowska ->.
    She comes into possession of a long list of intellectuals "disappeared" 
    by the Rohm Putsh ->.

 1938 Jimmy leaves for New York.

 1941 active in the French Resistance, she was imprisoned for a short time in 
    the notorious Gurs -> internment camp in SW France near Pau.
    In Marseille trying to escape the Nazis she refused Max Ernst's offer of 
    remarriage to obtain an American visa.
    With a group of other political and Jewish refugees found refuge in the mountain 
    village of Manosque, Alpes Maritimes on the farm of the writer Jean Giono -> 
    whose works she translated into German. 
    Her last companion was the architect Charles K. Fiedler, who worked for 
    Giono as a shepherd.

 1942 Finished her autobiography.

 1944 May; arrested and taken to Drancy concentration camp near Paris.
    June 30th. deportation to Auschwitz on the second last train from France. 
    d. Auschwitz.

 1999? Autobiography published: The First Wife's Tale: A Memoir by Louise Straus-Ernst ->.  

     - Jimmy Ernst (1984). 

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