1898 b. Paris  as Anne-Marie Hirtz.
   The daughter of a famous doctor aka Lise Meyer.
   French Writer and Poet and editor of a small paper in Neuilly
   m. Pierre Meyer who committed suicide soon after.
   She was a friend of Jean Cocteau.
 1924 Dec; She visited the Paris Bureau of Surrealist Research. 

 1925 Andre Breton was desperately in love with her. It was unrequited. 
   She became the Lady of the Glove.

 1927 m. Paul Deharme -> the radio pioneer who worked with surrealist Robert Desnos.
   August rented a villa in Pourville where she had frequent visits from Breton. 
   Louis Aragon and Nancy Cunard were staying close by.

 1928 She was portrayed in Nadja as Lise Meyer "The Lady of the Glove".
   Joan Miro illustrated Lise's first book, Il etait une pie (There was a magpie).

 1933 Phare de Neuilly. 
   She became a good friend of Dora Maar.
   Cahier de curieuse personne.

 1934 Death of Paul Deharme.

 1935 The film that never was. Essai de simulation du deliere cinematographique.
   Paul Eluard, Nusch, Man Ray, Andre Breton, Jacqueline Lamba 
   film at her country home. The film was abandoned
   The only remaining trace is in Cahiers d'art (no. 5-6; 1935).

 1936 Photographed by Man Ray who featured her as queen of spades in a playing 
   card set.
   Group photos by Paul Eluard of her with Andre Breton, Benjamin Peret, 
   Tristan Tzara, Nusch, Dora Maar, Pablo Picasso, Paul Chardonne, 
   Philippe Soupault, Serge Charchonne, Man Ray, Jacques Rigaut, Mick Soupault? 
   andGeorges Ribemont-Dessaignes.

 1937 Claude Cahun illustrated several of her books including Le ceur de pic.

 1940 During the War she joined Paul Eluard's Comite national des Ecrivains 
   with Vercors, Jean Paulhan, Michel Leiris, Jean Cassou, Jean Tardieu, 
   Louis Aragon and Elsa Triolet. 
   Participated in the clandestine publication  L'Honneur des poetes.

 1949 Christmas; Georges Hugnet dedicates his Spumifer Le Pyrodon Glaciare -> to her.

 1954 Farouche a quatre feuilles (Four Leaf Clover)by Andre Breton, 
   Lise Deharme, Julien Gracq, and Jean Tardieu.

 1956 Published in La Tour Saint-Jacques an occult and hermetic journal.

 1958? Le Tablier Blanc - with engraving by Joan Miro.

 1959 Le Poids d'un Oiseau - with illustrations by Leonor Fini.

 1969? Oh! Violette ou la Politesse des Vegetaux - with illustrations by Leonor Fini.

 1979 d. Paris

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   The Empty Cage from Cahier de curieuse personne (1933), 
   translated by Franklin Rosemont:-
   I missed
   the book of my life
   one night
   when they forgot
   to put a sharp pencil
   next to my bed

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