1909 b. March 7th  born in Montpellier. 
   French Poet and crime novelist.
   He had little formal education.
 1913 Orphaned. Brought up by his Grandfather.

 1925 Went to Paris and began work as a cabaret singer at "La Vache Enragee" 
   in Montmartre. Shipped back to Montpellier for being a vagrant.

 1929 Returned to Paris. 
   Founded Cabaret du poet pendu with Paulette Doucet.

 1930's Closely aligned with the Surrealists, and was close friends with Andre Breton, 
   Rene Magritte, Yves Tanguy and Salvador Dali.
   During this time, he published several volumes of poetry.

 1931 Joined the Surrealists.

 1936 - 1937 Correspondence with Claude Cahun.

 1940 April m. Paulette Doucet witness Jacques Prevert. 
   Shortly after he was arrested, released then arrested by the Germans, who thought 
   he was a deserter and so spent some time in a camp between Bremen and Hamburg 
   before returning to Paris, where he was persuaded to start writng "romans a clef" 
   by Louis Chevance?.

 1941 Contributed to the clandestine publication La Main a Plume.

 1943 Signed 1943 pamphlet Nom de Dieu, an attack on Georges Bataille.
   He is most famous for Nestor Burma, the anti-hero of Les Nouveaux Mysteres de Paris.

 1996? March 3rd. in Ch√Ętillon.

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