International Surrealism exhibition of 1947 known as 
  Le Surrealisme en 1947 or Please Touch 
  Held July - August at the  
  Gallerie Maeght in Paris. 

  Organized by Marcel Duchamp and Andre Breton
  Part of the exhibition was designed by  Frederick Kiesler and composed of 
  a complex labyrinth of orchestrated rooms.
  Duchamp collaborated with Italian-born painter Enrico Donati on the design 
  and production of the catalogue cover.
  Conglomeros  ~> by Victor Brauner was the window display. 
  The limited edition catalogue  'Priere de toucher''.
  The Catalogue contains original artwork by:
  Jean Arp
  Hans Bellmer
  Victor Brauner
  Serge Brignoni
  Alexander Calder
  Bruno Capacci
  Elizabeth van Damme 
  Julio de Diego
  Enrico Donati
  Max Ernst 
  David Hare
  Jacques Herold 
  Marcel Jean
  Jacqueline Lamba 
  Wifredo Lam
  Maria Martins
  Roberto Matta
  Joan Miro
  Man Ray
  Kay Sage
  Yves Tanguy.
  Dorothea Tanning; 

  Text was by Sarane Alexandrian, Alquie, Jean Arp, Georges Bataille, 
  Hans Bellmer, Bonnefoy, Bousquet, Victor Brauner, 
  Andre Breton, Brun, Jacques Brunius, Calas, Cesaire, Demarne, Ferry, 
  Frederique, Gracq, Heisler, Henein, Jacques Herold, Marcel Jean, 
  Frederick Kiesler, Kober, Lebel, Mabille, Malespine, Mezei, Lee Miller, 
  Monnerot, Maurice Nadeau, Pastoureau, Benjamin Peret, No Seigle, 
  Tarnaud and from British and Rumanian surrealist groups.

  Also exhibited:
  Eileen Agar
  Braulio Arenas?
  Maurice Baskine?
  Emmy Bridgwater
  David Hare
  Gerome Kamrowsky?
  Conroy Maddox
  Emile Malespine?
  Etienne Martin
  Isamu Noguchi?
  No Seigle
  Isabelle Waldberg

  A year after the conclusion of the exhibition the Galerie Maeght was informed 
  that a copy of the catalogue, which was posted to Geneva, had been seized by the 
  Procureur General of the Confederation, not because of its contents but because 
  its cover was found to be immoral.

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