1921 b. April 9th in Saint-Etienne. 
   Daughter of Sculptor Rene Iche and Montparnasse model Renee (Rosa Achard).
   French Surrealist Poet and Model.
   At an early age modelled for her father, and also Pablo Picasso and 
   Victor Brauner.
   Early friendship with Maud Bonneaud.

 1937 Friendship with the poet Robert Ganzo; on the advise of Max Jacob she was 
   placed briefly in a Benedictine convent.

 1940 Model for la Dechiree which symbolised the Resistance and was given to 
   General de Gaulle in London and has since disappeared.
   Helped and wrote for La Main a Plume. 

 1941 m. Robert Rius.

 1942 Published Au fil du vent illustrated by Oscar Dominguez.

 1943 Introduces Maud Bonneaud to Oscar Dominguez.
   Published Etagere en flamme ~> 
   with an illustration by Pablo Picasso.

 1944 Robert Rius executed by the Nazis.

 1949 m. Manuel Viola ~> and lived for the rest of her life in Spain.
    Translated Camilo Jose Cela -> into French; and from French to 
    Spanish the correspondence of Oscar Dominguez husband of her lifelong friend 
    Maud Bonneaud.

 2007? d. September 9th. Madrid.

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