1898 b. Albany, New York as Katherine Linn Sage  
   American Painter and Poet

   She came from a wealthy family; her father was a New York senator. 
   After her parents separated she moved abroad with her mother, a morphine addict. 
   She studied art in America and in Milan, taking private oil painting lessons from Carlo Carosi, 
   anatomy lessons from Giuseppe Battaglia and she studying landscape painting 
   with Oronato Carlandi.  
   Sage also took life-drawing classes from Emile Poujon at the French Academy in Rome.
 1925 married Prince Ranieri di San Faustino in Rome. 
   She lived in Rome as well as in Rapallo for the next ten years.

 1935 Divorced

 1936 Had her first solo exhibition at the Galeria del Milione in Milan.

 1937 Moved to Paris where she exhibited one painting at the Salon des Surindependants 
   where she was discovered by the surrealists. 
   Andre Breton; not having yet met her believed her paintings could only have been done by a man.

 1937 Introduced to  Yves Tanguy by her friend Heinz Henges ->. 
   Influenced by Giorgio de Chirico.

 1939 Moved to New York.

 1940  m. Tanguy in Reno, Nevada 
   Bought and lived in a house in Woodbury, Conneticut.
   Nov; wrote to her dealer Pierre Matisse that her cousin David Hare was 
   willing to sponsor Andre Breton and Jacqueline Lamba and Aube.

 1941   Andre Breton and family arrive in America.
  The Tanguy's friends and neighbors in the Woodbury area included artists Alexandra Darrow, 
  Alexander Calder, Peter Blume ->, Hans Richter 
  and Naum Gabo ->. 

 1943 Jan; Shows in Exhibition by 31 Women at Peggy Guggenheim's Art of this Century, New York.

 1944 I Saw Three Cities.
larger ->.
 1947 Provides original artwork for the catalogue of Le Surrealisme en 1947 
  or Please Touch at Galerie Maeght, Paris. 

 1955 Death of Tanguy.

 1956 Le passage
larger ->
 1963 Prefaced her husband's catalogue raisonne Yves Tanguy: A Summary of His Work.

 1963 Suicide; shot herself in Woodbury, Connecticut.

  Mordicus ->, her last volume of poems was published posthumously and included drawings 
  by Jean Dubuffet.

  See work -> and wiki ->.

  A house of her own: Kay Sage, solitary surrealist -> - Judith Suther.

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