1902 b. February 19th. St. Paul, Minnesota
 1922 Moved to New York. Met and married a French exchange student, Richard Brault.

 1923 Moved to France.

 1927 Friends with Caresse Crosby of Black Sun Press.

 1928 Met Laurence Vail, who was then married to Peggy Guggenheim.
   Friends with Nancy Cunard.

 1931 Translates Mr Knife, Miss Fork part of Rene Crevel's book Babylon 
   with reproductions of frottages by Max Ernst See .

 1940 Wols confides 100 watercolors to her.

 1941 June; in Estoril with Laurence Vail, his ex-wife Peggy Guggenheim, 
   and Max Ernst and all the Vail children prior to escaping to America.

 1943 divorced Vail m. Baron Joseph von Franckenstein.

 1945 contributes to Portfolio and again in 1946.

 1992? d. Dec. 27th Mill Valley, California

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