1910 b. February 20th.
   English Painter and Poet.

 1928 - 1930 Went to Trinity College, Cambridge to read English Literature. 
   There his circle of friends included Jacob Bronowski ->, Kathleen Raine ->, George Reavey 
  and Humphrey Jennings.
 1930 Contributed to Experiment.

 1931 Moved to Paris. Shared a studio, Villa Brune, with George Reavey,
   where Alexander Calder also stayed.
   Attended  Stanley William Haytor's Atelier Dix-Sept and Amedee Ozenfant's academy
   Met Pablo Picasso, Andre Masson, Joan Miro,  Max Ernst, Alberto Giacometti.

 1933 Introduced to David Gascoyne by George Reavey.

 1934 m. 'Ursula Darwin (grandaughter of Charles Darwin).
   Frequented Arts Cafe at 1 Parton St. London'.

 1935 Bought Durham Wharf, beside the River Thames in Hammersmith, London, 
   next to Len Lye's barge studio.
   Visitors to the Wharf included their friends Cyril Connolly, Henry Moore, 
   David Gascoyne and Roland Penrose.

 1936 Exhibited at the International Surrealist Exhibition in London.

 1937 Closely involved with the Mass Observation Unit -> with Charles Madge, 
   Tom Harrisson -> and Humphrey Jennings. 
   Produced work in support of the Republican government during the Spanish Civil War.

 1938 Resigned from the Surrealist group.

 1942 Illustration for John Banting and Nancy Cunard Salvo for Russia.

 1943 Birth of Son the film-maker Philip Trevelyan ->.

 1950 Divorced.

 1951 Married the painter Mary Fedden ->.

 1956 Dust jacket for David Gascoyne Night Thoughts.

 1988? d. July 12th.

   See bio -> and John Trevelyan RA -> and work ->.

   See Timeline