1902 b August 25th. London.
    English Painter.

  1913 Family moves to Birmingham.

  1929 Marries Lily Beatrice Samuel.

  1930 Part of the Birmingham Surrealists consisting of his brother the art critic 
    Robert Melville, Conroy Maddox, Emmy Bridgwater, Oscar Mellor 
    and the young Desmond Morris.

  1934 His patron art collector Enoch Lockett, a Birmingham based customs 
    and excise official, paid him a monthly salary for the right to choose every 
    so often from his works.

  1936 Declined to take part in the London International Surrealist Exhibition.

  1937 Three Women on The Beach

  1939 His patron, Enoch Lockett, dies.

  1942 Contributed to Toni del Renzio's magazine Arson.

  1986 d. December 8th. in Birmingham.

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