Dutch selftaught Painter, railway worker, polemicist, type designer and 
   amateur photographer

 1909 Jan 06th b. Utrecht, Holland; Johannes Hoop Moesman often referred to 
   as JH Moesman or Joop Moesman.

 1929 Discovers Surrealism.

 1930 Encouraged by Willem Wagenaar who owned the Nord Gallery.

 1935 Self Portrait ~>. 

 1937 Het Gerucht or The Rumour ~>.

 1941 Redid The Rumour. The painting was labeled ‘obscene’ and was banned 
  from exhibitions.
  Moesman said she was Just looking for her violin bow referencing Man Ray 
  and Kiki.
  Fled to Schalkwijk and became a semi-recluse, argiung with everybody.

 1949 m. artist Erika Visser ~>.

 1961 Invited by Andre Breton to exhibit at 
  the International Surrealist exhibition ~> in Milan.

 1988? 03 Feb. d. Houten. 

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