1884? b. Dec 2nd. in Nimes, Gard; 
    son of philosopher Frederic Paulhan 
    French writer, literary critic and publisher.
 1908 - 1910 Worked as a teacher in Madagascar. 
    His translations of  Malagasy poems, or Hainteny attracted the attention of 
    Guillaume Apollinaire and later Paul Eluard who started a 
    correspondence with him.

 1911 m. Salomea Prusak Sala.

 1912 Traveled to Algeria.

 1913 Birth of his son Pierre.

 1914 Wounded.

 1915 Affair with Germaine Pascal (married, two children). 
    Returned to his wife.

 1918 Birth of his second son Frederic. 
    Continued affair with Germaine. 
    Commenced correspondence with Paul Eluard.

 1919 March; Introduces Andre Breton to Paul Eluard
    Introduced to Jacques Riviere -> director of NRF ->.

 1920 Moves in with Germaine Pascal.

 1921 Congress of Paris committee  consisted of seven people: 
   Andre Breton, Georges Auric, Fernand Leger, Robert Delaunay, 
   Amadee Ozenfant?, Jean Paulhan and Roger Vitrac.

 1922 Sept. falsifies papers for Max Ernst in the name of "Jean Paris".
   Features in At The Rendezvous of Friends. 

 1925 on death of Riviere nominated by Gaston Gallimard as head of NRF.

 1925 - 1940 director of the literary magazine Nouvelle Revue Francaise 
    See (NRF)  
    and also from 1946 - 1968. 

 1927 Fallout with Andre Breton; attempted to call him out for a duel. 
    Stayed friends with Paul  Eluard, Michel Leiris, 
    Roger Caillois, and Georges Bataille.

 1929 Starts correspondence ~> with Joe Bousquet.

 1931 Letters from Antonin Artaud.

 1935 m. Germaine.

 1940 Flees Normandy together with Gaston Gallimard and his wife, 
    for Carcassonne.
    joined resistance published  Resistance.

 1941 The Flowers of Tarbes, or Terror in Literature.
    Arrested by the Gestapo for suspected Resistance activities.

  1945 Portrait -> by Jean Dubuffet who he then 
    introduced to several intellectuals.

 1947 Began his affair with Anne Desclos.
    They met doing Resistance work.
    At the same time he was supporting Edith Boissonnas ->.

 1948 translated Wols
    Jean Dubuffet starts the Compagnie de l'Art Brut  with Jean Paulhan 
   Andre Breton,  Charles Raton, Henri-Pierre Roche,  Michel Tapie -> 
   and  Slavko Kopac ->    
   Paulhan also wrote several autobiographical short stories; English translations 
   of several appeared in the collection -> Progress in Love on the Slow Side. 

 1954 Presented manuscript of Story of O to Jean Jacques Pauvert
   His mistress Anne Desclos revealed that she had written the novel as a series 
   of love letters to him as he had admired the work of the Marquis de Sade.

 1961 Jury Cannes film festival.

 1963 Elected to Academie Francaise.

 1968 d. October 9th. Paris.

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