1905 b. Ixelles, Belgium. 
     Belgian Painter 
     The daughter of the painter and symbolist illustrator Alexandre Graverol.
     She attended courses by the symbolist/monumental painters Constant Montald ->
     and Jean Delville -> at the Academie de Brussels.

 1927 She held her first solo exhibition . 
     Influenced by Andre Lhote

 1930's separated from her second husband the musician Guillaume Dortu.

 1949 Met Rene Magritte, Louis Scutenaire, Camille Goemans 
     and Marcel Lecomte.

 1950 Exhibited at the gallery Lou Cosyn in Brussels.
     (Cosyn was the companion of Camille Goemans)

 1952 With Andre Blavier she founded the surrealist review 'Temps meles''.

 1953 Met Marcel Marien, who became her partner of ten years and who, 
    like Rene Magritte and Paul Nouge, became a major influence on her art. 
    The works of de Sade were one of her Inspirations

 1954 Founded, with Marcel Marien and Paul Nouge, the avant-garde review Les Levres nues; 
    (which emerged out of an important conference on the surrealist icon Majakovskij, 
     organised by Graverol and Marien) and of which she became the director.
     Marcel Marien sends her a letter -> 

 1960 Part in Marcel Marien's film L' imitation du cinéma ->.
     Temptress ->

 1964 Sober group portrait of the surrealists entitled Goutte d’eau.

 1960s, she made the acquaintance of Andre Breton, and later Marcel Duchamp 
     in New York. 
     Even though she subsequently moved to France, she stayed in close contact with the 
     Belgian surrealist artists and exhibited in Belgium every year.

 1967 Meets Gaston Ferdiere at one of her exhibitions.
     Together they moved to Paris.

 1984 d. Fontainebleau, France

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