1882? Feb. 2nd. b. Dublin.

   Irish  Writer.

 1904 With Nora Barnacle -> moves to Trieste.

 1920 Moved to Paris.

 1922 Ulysses published by Sylvia Beach who sent him to Man Ray to be photographed.
   Financially assisted by Sylvia and Adrienne Monnier.
   Friends with Bryher.
   Admired the work of Clement Pansaers.
   Interviewed by Djuna Barnes who became a friend.

 1925 Assisted by Caresse Crosby.

 1927 Photographed by Berenice Abbott.

 1928 Met Samuel Beckett who said Joyce taught me what it meant to be a real artist.

 1930  Friend of Mary Reynolds

 1937 Photographed -> by Joseph Breitenbach and Gisele Freund.

 1941 Jan 13th. d. Zurich.

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