1910 b. Oct 10th in Moldavie, Rumania.   
    French - Romanian born Surrealist painter, printmaker and sculptor.

 1925 - 1926 Studied at the Art Academy in Bucharest.

 1930 June; Arrives Paris; 
    Works as assistant to Constantin Brancusi. 
    Meets Victor Brauner, Yves Tanguy and Andre Breton. 

 1933 joined the Surrealists.

 1934 Cadavre Exquis with Jeannette Ducrocq, Andre Breton, 
    Victor Brauner and Yves Tanguy.
    Signed bill expelling Salvador Dali.

 1935 Knew Hans Bellmer.

 1936 Je t'raime. 
    m. Violette Boglio. 

 1937 friends with Oscar Dominguez, Raoul Ubac, Robert Rius and 
    Sylvain Itkine. 

 1940 Leaves for Perpignan, with Robert Rius, 
    joining up with Victor Brauner, Remedios Varo and Oscar Dominguez.
    In Marseille, with Benjamin Peret, Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst, 
    Andre Masson, Wifredo Lam trying to obtain visas through 
    Varian Fry. 
    Makes cards at the Villa Air-Bel for the Marseille Card Game  together 
    with  Andre Breton, Oscar Dominguez, Victor Brauner, 
    Max Ernst, Wifredo Lam, Andre Masson, Jacqueline Lamba; 
    (Frederic Delanglade not used).
    Works for the Bakers' cooperative Croque-fruits.

 1941 Contributes to the clandestine publication La Main a Plume.

 1942 Left Marseilles for Oppade le Vieux an artist's commune in the Luberon, 
    under the direction of Bernard Zherfuss who invited him. 
    Also present Etienne-Martin, Georges Humbolt,  Francois Stahly, and 
    Consuelo de Saint Exupery.
    Paints La liseuse d'aigle.
    Visited Lacoste, De Sade's château in Vaucluse where he paints
    Etude pour la liseuse d'aigle ~>. 

 1943 Hid in Annecy for several months then joined Robert Rius in Paris. 
    Continues participation in La Main a Plume.

 1945  m. France Binard who became known as Vera Herold.

    Buys a house in Vaucluse close to Lacoste

 1946 Sculpts Le Grand transparent for Marcel Duchamp and Andre Breton.

 1947 Original artwork for the catalogue of Le Surrealisme en 1947 
    or Please Touch at Galerie Maeght, Paris. 
    Included in Andre Breton's Surrealism and Painting.

 1951 Expelled from the Group.

 1954 Illustrates Le Soleil placé en abîme for Francis Ponge.

 1957 House at Lacoste where Andre Breton and Max Ernst are invited.
 1968 Andre Breton and Jean-Pierre Duprey had imagined a list of 
   titles for his paintings; they also dedicated a text to him that he sticks up 
   with his own illustrations on the walls of Paris shortly before the May 

 1987? d. January 11th in Paris.

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