1906 b. Oct 9th in Shillong, Assam, India,

    British Surrealist Painter and Writer, playwright, and Poet.
 1926 Enrolled at Cheltenham School of Arts and Crafts.  
    Wrote, designed and performed in a one act play Bird of Hermes.

 1927-1930 Studied at the Slade School of Art.

 1931 Visited Paris. Exposure to work of surrealist artists, especially Salvador Dali.
   Liason with Humfry Paine
   Infatuation with Andromaque Kazou

 1932 Photographed  by [[Man Ray?.

 1936 Visited the International Surrealist Exhibition, New Burlington Galleries, London.

 1937 Photographed by Man Ray.

 1939 Joint exhibition with Roland Penrose at the Mayor Gallery, London.
   Visited Andre Breton in Paris. 
   Joined surrealists at Chemillieu. Gordon Onslow Ford, Roberto Matta, 
   Matta's wife Anne, Andre Breton, Esteban Frances,  Kay Sage, Yves Tanguy, 
   Jacqueline Breton with her daughter Aube. 
   The summer was spent  painting and writing, with visits to the ''Palais Ideal du 
   Facteur Cheval'' and to Gertrude Stein's home nearby. In the evenings Breton recited poetry, 
   they all played games of chance and enthusiastically shared their work. 
   First exposure to automatic methods of painting. 
   Contributed short prose pieces to London Bulletin.
   Gouffres Amers -> and See also ->.  
   Liason with Francesc d'Asis Gali (Catalan) ~>.

   First published extracts from Goose of Hermogenes Not published fully until 1961.

 1940 Expelled from group for not giving her unconditional support to Edouard Mesens.

 1942 Tree Anatomy.
 1943 She married Toni del Renzio, Russian born Italian poet, painter and activist.

 1947 Divorced.
   She practiced automatic writing and drawing with Emmy Bridgwater and occasionally 
   also with Edith Rimmington.

 1948 Publication of The Mantic Stain, the first account in English of automatism.

 1952 Adoption of magical motto: Splendidior Vitro. 
   Admitted to the OTO ->.

 1955 Admitted to the New Isis Lodge ->.

 1959 Moved permanently to Stone Cross Cottage, Paul, near Penzance, Cornwall.

 1961 Goose of Hermogenes finally published ->.

 1967 Visited Egypt.

 1975? Publication of The Sword of Wisdom, a biography of MacGregor Mathers ->, 
   the founder of the occult order The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

 1988? d. April 11th. when her house caught fire.

   See web ->; and The Artist ~> and also ->; and    also ->.
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