1904 b. Feb. 4th in Nancy.
   French Writer film historian, critic, and theoretician.
 1923 Organized a conference in Nancy presented by Jean Epstein.

 1925 Around this time had an affair with Helene Zema.

 1927 Joined the Communist party.
   Signs Manifesto Hands Off Love in defense of Charlie Chaplin.

 1928 Visited Nancy Cunard at her Hours Press.
   Feb; Fifth Session of Investigating Sex : Maxime Alexandre, Andre Breton, 
   Marcel Duhamel, Max Ernst, M, Marcel Noll, Benjamin Peret, Jacques Prevert, 
   Raymond Queneau, Georges Sadoul, Pierre Unik.

 1929 Jan; Cadavre Exquis with Andre Breton, Frederic Megret, and Suzanne Muzard.
 1930 Went to Russia with Louis Aragon and Elsa Triolet.
   Signed the 2nd. Manifesto of Surrealism.
   Contributed to Le Surrealisme au service de la revolution?.

 1937 m. Jacqueline Cartier-Bresson sister of Henri Cartier-Bresson.

 1938 Death of Jacqueline.
   Sadoul took part in the Resistance Movement and collaborated on the underground 
   newspaper Les Lettres fran├žaises, for which he continued to work after the War.
   Wrote biographies of major figures such as Georges Melies and Charles Chaplin.

 1967 d. Oct. 13th. in Paris.

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