1907 b. May 1st in Vitebsk, Russia  of an Irish father and Russian mother.
    Russian-born Irish surrealist poet, publisher, translator and art collector.

 1909 Family moved to Novgorod. 

 1919 Father arrested. 
    Fled to Belfast with his mother.
    Graduated Cambridge (Gonville & Caius).

 1929 Moved to Paris. Around this time first met Samuel Beckett.

 1930 Contributed to Experiment; 
    Translations from Boris Pasternak ->.

 1933 In Paris introduces David Gascoyne to Julian Trevelyan.

 1934 Frequented Arts Cafe at 1 Parton St. London.

 1936 Pictured at the London International Surrealist Exhibition.
    Rupert Lee, Ruthven Todd, Salvador Dali, Paul Eluard, Roland Penrose, 
    Herbert Read, Edouard Mesens, Hugh Sykes Davies, Diana Brinton-Lee?, 
    Nusch Eluard, Eileen Agar, Sheila Legge and an unknown friend of Dali.
    Published selected poems of Paul Eluard as Thorns of Thunder with a drawing 
    by Picasso, a preface by Herbert Read, and translations 
    by himself, Samuel Beckett, Devlin, David Gascoyne, Man Ray and Ruthven Todd.

 1939 Assistant editor The London Bulletin.

 1947 Moved to New York. 
    Teaching and translating from Russian.
    Affair with Lydo Arco.

 1971? Interview ->.

 1976 Aug. 11th. d. USA.

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