1893? b. July 26th. in Berlin. 
    German Painter.

  1908 Expelled from school after reciprocating in kind when he is slapped 
    by a teacher.

  1912 meets Max Ernst.

  1913 Visits Paris; meets .

  1916 Meets Eva Peter, his future wife, a fellow student at the Berlin 
    School of Arts and Crafts.
     Love Sick Man 
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  1918 Involved in Berlin Dada. Joins Communist Party.

  1920 First solo show in Munich. 
     May; m. Eva
     Exhibits with John Heartfield and Raoul Hausmann and organizes 
     The First International Dada Fair in Berlin 
    Republican Automatons.
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  1922 Five months in Russia.

  1923 Leaves Communist Party.

  1924 Travels with Eva to Paris.

  1925 Works with Hans Bellmer.

  1926 The Eclipse of the Sun. 
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    Artist with Model. 

  1929 Inspires Edward Burra.

  1932 Guest lecturer at The Art Students League in New York.

  1933 Leaves for New York.

  1936 First illustrations published in Esquire.

  1938 naturalized citizen of USA.

  1940's in New York is befriended by Edward James who buys several 
      of his works. 1. 

  1944 Mother and sister die in a bombing raid in Berlin.

  1946 Publication of his autobiography A Little Yes and A Big No in New York. 
     Growing depression and increasing alcoholism.

  1951 Visits Europe.
  1959 Returns to Berlin.
     d. July 6th. in Berlin

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    1. Surreal Life: Edward James 1907-1984 - Sharon-Michi Kusunoki (1998).

    See Timeline