1881? b. in Neuilly-sur-Seine; Gaston Gallimard 
   Founded the french publishers Gallimard.

 1910 joined Nouvelle Revue Francaise (NRF) at insistance of the then editor Andre Gide.

 1919 Louis Aragon attends a reception given for him.

 1925 Nominated Jean Paulhan as head of Nouvelle Revue Francaise.

 1938 Raymond Queneau began working as a reader.

 1940 With Jean Paulhan and their wives flee south to Carcassonne.

 1943 Published Pierre Drieu La Rochelle Le Petit Prince.

 1946 friends with Roland Tual.
   Published Michel Leiris.

 1975? d. 

   Among those who worked for him were Jacques Riviere, Jean Paulhan, Andre Malraux, 
   Albert Camus and Raymond Queneau.
   Among those published were Jacques Prevert,,Andre Gide, Marcel Proust, Jean-Paul Sartre, 
   Simone de Beauvoir, Jean Genet, Louis-Ferdinand Celine, Ernest Hemingway, 
   William Faulkner, Franz Kafka, James Joyce, Jack Kerouac, Philip Roth, Sigmund Freud, 
   Ludwig Wittgenstein, and Michel Foucaut.

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