1943 b. October 2nd. in Chicago
    American writer.

 1958? Hitchhikes to California and meets Lawrence Ferlinghetti ->, owner of the City Lights bookshop.

 1962? Enrolls in Chicago University meets and m. Penelope Rosemont.

 1965 Visits Paris with Penelope to meet Andre Breton.

 1966 Co-founder with his wife of the Chicago Surrealist Group.
    Founded Black Swan Press ->.

 1968 Book of poems The Morning Of A Machine Gun.

 1973 Founded the sporadic Magazine Arsenal: Surrealist Subversion.

 1978? Works closely with Jacqueline Lamba to publish 
    What is surrealism? : Selected writings / Andre Breton.

 1990? Lamps Hurled At The Stunning Algebra Of Ants with illustrations by Karol Baron.

 1994? Editor: Isadora Speaks Writings & Speeches Of Isadora Duncan by Isadora Duncan?.

 1994? Black Swan publishes Mary Low Where the Wolf Sings.

 2003 Revolution In the Service of the Marvelous Surrealist Contributions 
    to the Critique of Miserabilism.
    (An Open Entrance To The Shut Palace Of) Wrong Numbers illustrated by Artur do Cruzeiro Seixas.

 2004? Introduction to Andre Breton's Martinique: Snake Charmer -> translated by David Seaman. 

 2007? Jacques Vache and the Roots of Surrealism.
 2009? Jan. Introduction to ''A Menagerie in Revolt, Selected Writings of
     Benjamin Peret by Benjamin Peret''.
     d. April 12th. 

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