French - Lawyer - Poet  Born as  Gerard Rosenthal. 
    He was a cousin of Max Jacob
    Studied Medicine; he was friend of Pierre Naville.

 1919 Around this time visited Russia probably with Pierre Naville and met Victor Serge.

 1924 Abandoned medical studies. 
    Editor of L'Oeuf dur founded by Philippe Soupault and Pierre Naville.
    Involved with Andre Breton and Louis Aragon in opening the Office of 
    Surrealistic Research of which he was the director.

 1925 Signed the [Declaration of January 27 1925].

 1928 Rejoined l'Opposition de Gauche.

 1929 Leaves the Surrealist movement.

 1930 Ppostcard from Trotsky dated Apr 29, with Turkish stamp and cancellation. 
    Addressed to  French "Bolshevik-Leninist" movement leader Gerard Rosenthal 
    in Paris referencing Lenin, Stalin and "the Struggle".

 1933 Represents Trotsky.

 1934 Lawyer at anti fascist trial.

 1949 Les Entretiens sur la politique, with Gerard Rosenthal and Jean-Paul Sartre?. 

     See: Gerard Rosenthal, Avocat de Trotsky, by Robert Laffont, Paris, 1975

     See Timeline