1906 b. December 18th. in Carcassonne.  
    French  Writer and Philosopher.
    School at Carcassonne where he met and befriended Joe Bousquet.

  1928 Founder of lLa revue Chantiers with de Francois-Paul Alibert  ->, 
    Joe Bousquet, Claude-Louis Esteve and  Rene Nelli (Fr). ->.

  1933 May; march letter to Andre Breton published in ''Le Surrealisme au service 
    de la Revolution'' #5.
    Subsequently Breton and others left the communist party.

  1955 Publishes  Philosophy of Surrealism ->.

  1966 Organized Decade de Cerisy talks devoted to surrealism.

  1985? d. February 28th. in Montpellier 

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