1912 b. November 28th. Coruna.
    Spanish Surrealist Painter, Poet, Writer
    Youth spent in Santiago de Compostela. 
    Started his artistic career as a violinist.
  1927 Set up the magazine SIR (Sociedad Infantil Revolucionaria) with his brother Mario.
    During the Civil War, he contributed actively to newspapers such as La Nueva Era, 
    La Batalla and El Combatiente Rojo.

  1939 Exiled to France and then to Dominican Republic.

  1941 Started painting in Dominican Republic where he was visted by Andre Breton 
    and Jacqueline Lamba.

  1955 He travelled with Vela Zanetti -> to New York and 
    built a strong friendship with Marcel Duchamp.

  1957 - 1985? Professor Emeritus of Spanish Literature at City University of New York.

  1995 Opened the Fundacion Eugenio Granell in his home town Santiago de Compostela, 
    Galicia, Spain. The only museum in the world entirely devoted to surrealism, 
    it holds some 600 of his paintings along with works by Francis Picabia, 
    Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray and Andre Breton.

  2001? d. October 24th. Madrid

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