1913 July 30th. b. Port-Bou, Girona, Spain.
   Spanish Painter
 1932 In Barcelona. 
   Meets and starts an affair with Remedios Varo sharing  a studio 
   with her in the Plaza de Lesseps.

 1935 Summer in Barcelona; Plays Cadavre Exquis with Remedios Varo, 
   Oscar Dominguez, and Marcel Jean.
   Meets Paul Eluard.

 1937 Follows Remedios Varo to Paris. She had in turn followed Benjamin Peret 
   with whom she was also having an affair.

 1938 Oscar Dominguez threw a glass at him which took out Victor Brauner's eye.
   Also present were Paul Eluard, Georges Hugnet, Wolfgang Paalen, 
   Benjamin Peret and Yves Tanguy.

 1939 Joined surrealists at Chemillieu. Gordon Onslow Ford, Roberto Matta, 
   Matta's wife Anne, Andre Breton, Ithell Colquhoun,  Kay Sage, Yves Tanguy, 
   Jacqueline Breton with her daughter Aube.

 1940 Fled Europe to Argentina, Cuba and then Mexico.

 1942 Contributed to Arson organised by Toni del Renzio.

 1944 Cover -> of View. 
   Stayed in Mexico for a few years before moving to New York. 
   Friends with Leonora Carrington.

 1958? Meets Anne Heathers in New York.

 1960 Around this time they move to Deia, Mallorca.

 1961 Illustrated A handful of surprises -> for Anne.

 1972? Separated from Anne.

 1976 Sept. 21st. d. Deia.

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