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 1901 b. in Pommerania, Germany; Known as Re.  
    German Photographer.
            The Photographer of the Magic Instant.

 1921 - 1925 Studied at the Bauhaus in Weimar under Johannes Itten ->, 
    Vassily Kandinsky?, Georg Muche ->,Oskar Schlemmer ->, Paul Klee and others.

 1923 - 1924 worked with the Swedish avant-garde film-maker Viking Eggeling 
    on his film Diagonal Symphony.

 1925 Worked as a fashion journalist for the periodicals Silberspiegel and 
    Sport im Bild published by Berlin's Scherl-Verlag, for which she was 
   also active as a correspondent in Paris where she met Man Ray and Fernand Leger.

 1926 She married the Dadaist and painter Hans Richter.

 1928 Set up the fashion studio "ReSport" in Paris, which she ran until 1934.
    She designed pret-a-porter, made clothes for Bohemian society women in Paris 
    and worked closely with Man Ray, who photographed her spring and autumn collections.

 1933 She met Philippe Soupault who persuaded her to illustrate his pieces.

 1934 With Philippe she travelled to Switzerland and Germany. 
    In December she went to the USA.

 1936 m. Philippe Soupault. That summer they went camping in Norway and 
    In Paris she belonged to the circle of artists around Man Ray, Fernand Leger, 
    Florence Henri, Gisele Freund, Elsa Triolet, Helen Hessel ->, 
    Max Ernst, , Kiki, Foujita, Sonia Delaunay, Robert Delaunay, 
     Andre Kertesz, and Alberto Giacometti.

 1939 In Hammamet, Tunisia; Self portrait ~>

 1942 Philippe arrested in Tunis.

 1943 July they leave for USA.
    Following her escape from Tunis she had a four-year sojourn in North, Central 
    and South America.

 1946 Returned to Paris; translated into German the works of Lautreamont, 
    Romain Rolland, Andre Breton, Philippe Soupault and Tristan Tzara. 
    She also worked for German Radio.

 1948 Settled in Basle. Working as a translator and studied under  Karl Jaspers. 

 1950's lived in Paris, where she worked as a translator.

 1990? death of Philippe. 

 1996? March d. 12 in Paris


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