1908 b. January 31st. in Dusseldorf Germany 
   German art dealer and Patron
 1930's departed Germany for the Paris. 
   Friends with Alberto Giacometti.

 1931 Photographed -> by Florence Henri ->

 1935 Intellectual friendship with Joan Miro led her to travel to Mallorca, 
   where she ran a popular bar frequented by many writers and artists.
   As Franco's Fascism began its heavy march across Spain, Brausen, operating 
   under the code name of Beryl, clandestinely helped her many Jewish and socialist 
   friends escape the naval blockade. 
   Michel Leiris credited Brausen with saving him and his wife. 
   Through her contacts with the US Navy, who often docked on the island, Brausen convinced 
   a submarine captain of the importance of getting the Leirises off the island. 
   They were secreted on board and safely delivered to Marseilles. 
   Brausen herself slipped away on a fishing boat and with difficulty made her way to England. 
   She arrived penniless as war broke out.
   In London she rejoined some of her old friends from the Continent and set about 
   organizing small exhibitions in artists' studios.

 1945 Meets Toto Koopman recuperating from imprisonment in Ravensbruk; 
   who becomes the love of her life and moves to London with her.

 1946 Meets Arthur Jeffress -> who agreed to bankroll her in her own gallery; The Hannover.

 1948 Jeffress withdraws his investment Michael Behring -> steps in.

 1949 November ->Francis Bacon first solo exhibition.
   Frequently together with Alberto Giacometti and Bacon.

 1956 Jean-Yves Mock, now curator of retrospective exhibitions at the Pompidou Centre 
   in Paris joined the Hanover as an assistant.
 1958? Bacon left the Hanover to join the Marlborough Gallery, 
   They never made it up, although  several years later he was told that she needed medical 
   attention, he immediately sent her £100,000.
   Brausen had a close working relationship with Henri Matisse, Joan Miro, 
   Henry Moore and William Scott. 
   She often saw, and exhibited the works of, the Surrealists Marcel Duchamp, 
   Max Ernst, Man Ray and Rene Magritte.     
   Erica and Toto created Le Case dei Sette Mulini -> on the island of Panarea, north of Sicily.

 1973  Hanover Gallery closed.
   Brausen continued to deal in art either from home or from the Zurich-based gallery 
   which she had started in 1961, and shared with Gimpel fils. 

 1992? d. December 16th.  London 

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