1885 b. February 17th. Flensburg, Germany.
     German Actor, Singer, Dancer and Poet, one of the founders of the Dada movement.
   1905 end of first marriage to Paul Hennings.
     Lovers Wilheim Vio and Ravelli one of whom was probably the father 
     of Annemarie her surviving child bought up by her grandmother.
     Prostitute and drug taker with many lovers from the Expressionist movement 
     including Johannes Becher, Georg Heym, Erich Muhsam, 
     Ferdinand Hardekopf ->, Jacob von Hoddis ->, Ernst Moritz Engert, 
     Reinhold Rudolf Junghanns (for whom she modeled). 
     Worked in Hanover, Cologne, Berlin, Munich where she knew the puppet maker Lotte Pritzel -> 
     and Budapest.

   1911 Working in Simplicissimus Cafe, Munich

   1912 Eulogised by Ferdinand Hardekopf in Die Aktion.

   1913 Meets Hugo Ball at Cafe Simplicissimus in Munich ->
     First book of Poems Die letze Freude - Last Joy published in Leipzig.

   1915 May; with Ball moves to Zurich.

   1916 Dada. Founder of Cabaret Voltaire with Hugo Ball, Tristan Tzara, 
     Jean Arp, Marcel Janco, Richard Huelsenbeck, Sophie Taeuber and 
     Hans Richter. She becomes the Cabarets hostess. 
     Appears in a picture on stage with Gabriella Buffet by Marcel Janco.
     May; Hailed as star of the show by Zurcher Post.
     Reads her poem Morfin.

   1917 Photographed -> with a Dada puppet.

   1918 In Ascona.

   1919 Published semi autobiographical novel Gefangnis - Prison.

   1922 Publishes poetry Helle Nacht - Bright Night.

   1927 Death of Hugo Ball.

   1930 Publishes first Ball biography Hugo Ball: Sein Leben in Briefen un Gedichten 
      - His Life in Letters and Poems.

   1932 Publishes poetry Die Kranz - The Garland Cycle.

   1948 d. August 10th. Sorengo-Lugano, Switzerland.

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