1928 b. Ústí nad Orlicí­, Czechoslovakia as Emila Tláskalová.
     Her mother was a seamstress, her father was a printer, and, during World War II, 
     a photographer. 
     Czech Photographer

 1942 onwards, she trained in photography under Josef Ehm at the School of Graphic 
     Arts in Prague and took part during this period in the artist group Jantar. 
     Met the painter Mikulas Medek at the School of Graphic Arts
     In the late 1940s Medkova¡ produced her Shadowplay cycle of photographs.

 1951 m. Mikulas Medek ~>.  
     Joined the revived activities of the Czech Surrealist Group around the writer, 
     artist and designer Karel Teige. 
     Her photography influenced by literary and painterly traditions, including 
     figures such as the artists Toyen, Enrico Baj, Giuseppe Arcimboldo and the 
     fictional hero of Kafka's Metamorphosis, Gregor Samsa.
     Collaborated with Medek until his death in 1974?.

 1974? Until her death she was an integral part of the surrealist group in Czechoslovakia.

 1985? d. 1985 Prague

       If there is no mystery in a photograph, if its reality has no other design, 
       then it is empty. 
       It is not a matter of description of objects, it is not a matter of describing
       a head, a face inscribed in another object,  
       but rather a matter of what is evoked.

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