1902 b. Rio de Janeiro  was a Brazilian singer.
   Descendent of confederados, southern plantation owners that had come to Brazil 
   after the American Civil War. 
   Elsie's father was James Frank Houston, a prominent Rio dentist and her mother, 
   Arinda Galdo, was a native of Rio de Janeiro with Portuguese roots in the 
   island of Madeira.

   See Photomontage ~>

   She then studied with the soprano Ninon Vallin ->, first in Argentina and then in Paris. 

   In addition to Mario de Andrade -> and Patricia Galvao (Pagu ->), she was friends with  
   the painters Flavio de Carvalho -> , Anita Malfatti ->, ->, and the leader of Brazilian 
   modernism Oswald de Andrade -> and Tarsila do Amaral.

 1920´s Returned to Europe with her fellow Brazilian modernists, joining the surrealists 
   in Paris and participating in their games.

 1922 Photographed -> in São Paulo at the Semana de Arte Moderna -> with  Patrícia Galvão (Pagu) ->, 
   Anita Malfatti ->, Benjamin Peret, Oswald de Andrade ->, Tarsila Do Amaral, 
   Álvaro Moreyra ->, Eugênia Moreira -> and Maximilien Gauthier ->.
   Moved to Germany and studied with Lilli Lehmann -> a voice teacher. 

 1927 Houston was a soloist at the concerts of Heitor Villa Lobos -> in Paris. 
   Her relationship with him had began in her teens. 

 1928 m. Benjamin Peret. Both Villa Lobos and Andre Breton were witnessess.

 1929 published in Belgian magazine Varietes in Surrealism.
   Surrealist Games with Suzanne Muzard and Jeannette Ducrocq Tanguy,
   Returned to Brazil.
   Recorded Estrela do céu é lua nova ~>.

 1930 Recorded Morena cor de canela ->.
   Chants populaires du Brésil ~> published. 

 1931 Son, Geyser, was born in Rio de Janeiro. 
   Peret was expelled from Brazil because of his communist activism and his son was 
   left with the maternal family.

 1934 - 1935 Probable affair with Pagu (Patricia Galvao) who is living with 
   her in Paris. .

 1936 Peret leaves for Spain where he becomes involved with Remedios Varo.

 1937 Elsie moves to New York.

 1939 Visits Pagu in Prison in Brazil. 

 1940 Affair with Marcel Courbon; a supposed Belgian “Count”. (possibly the 1928 Belguim Bob sleigh
   Olympic medalist).
   Recorded Xango ~>. Frequent Correspondence with Villa Lobos.

 1942 Houston and Courbon were apparently arrested in Charleston, South Carolina. 
   She had appeared at benefits for Russian causes, such as “The Women’s Division of the 
   Russian War Relief Society.”
   Affair with Marcus Blechman.

 1943 Feb. 20th. d. New York. Listed as an apparent suicide. (See).
   She left a note for her sister and one for Courbon, who disappeared.

   Mario de Andrade -> writes an obituary for her.

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