1924 Aug. 8th. b. Paris

   French  Poet Writer.

   Linked with the surrealist movement including Maurice Blanchard, Laurence Iche, 
   Regine Raufast, Robert Rius.

 1943 Published in one of the first editions of La Main a Plume.

 1945  Collaborated with the poet Yves Bonnefoy -> on the revue
   "La Révolution la nuit".
   Published in "Deux sœurs", another Surrealistic revue published by Christian Dotremont.

 1948 - 1951 French Editor for Cobra.

 1954 With his wife Anne Ethuin launched the magazine Phases ->.

 1956 Worked with Enrico Baj

 1963 Published book about Remedios Varo.

 1989 Publishes book on Joseph Cornell.

 2006? May 9th. d. Paris.

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