1902 b. Leicester, England. 
   English Painter Writer and Photographer.

 1920's married the English artist Robert Baxter.

 1937 Moved from Manchester to London. 

 1938  Family Tree.  
 1939 She was introduced by Gordon Onslow Ford to the London Surrealist Group 
   and Edouard Mesens. 
   She became a key figure,attending most weekly meetings in the Barcelona Restaurant 
   in Soho and the Horseshoe Pub in Tottenham Court Road, and struck up a close friendship 
   with Emmy Bridgwater (whose main affiliation was with the Birmingham Surrealists). 
   She was much admired and encouraged by artists such as Edward Burra and her close 
   friend John Banting.
   Friends with Conroy Maddox.

 1944 Cover of Fulcrum ~>.

 1946 Included in Free unions - Unions libres. Editor Simon Watson Taylor.

 1947 Exhibited in major surrealist exhibitions, most notably at the International 
   Surrealist Exhibition at the Galerie Maeght. 
   The Oneiroscopist. 
Large ->
  1948 The Decoy.
   She practiced automatic writing and drawing with Emmy Bridgwater and occasionally 
   with Ithell Colquhoun.
   Although she painted little during World War II, her production of automatic texts 
   increased, producing pieces such as Timetable and Leucotomy. 

 1950's Her interest focused on photography. 
   Contributed a large number of drawings and writings to surrealist publications such as 
   the London Bulletin, Arson, Fulcrum, Message from Nowhere and Free Unions.

 1986 d. Bexhill-on-Sea, England.

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