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 1914 b. Dominique Laure, possibly as Odette Lemort.

 1949 met Paul Eluard either at the Congress of Peace in Mexico.
    (Patrick O'Brian in his biography of Pablo Picasso suggests a pottery at Vallauris).

 1950 Georges Hugnet inscribes his Spumifer La Miloche Emancipée -> to Paul and Dominique Eluard. 

 1951 m. Paul Eluard in St Tropez.
    Marriage attended by Pablo Picasso and Francoise Gilot.
    Birth of daughter Caroline Eluard.
    Eluard dedicated his work The Phoenix-> to her.

 1951 Photograph by Lee Miller at Farley Farm.
 1952 Paul Eluard died from a heart attack in November.

 1953 Letter to Francis Poulenc.
    Christmas at Farley Farm with 
    Max Ernst, Dorothea Tanning,  Antony Penrose, Diane Deriaz, Caroline Eluard,  
    Antony Penrose, Valentine Penrose, Timmie O'Brian, Terry O'Brian, Patsy Murray, 
    Paula Murray, James Dugan, Lee Miller, Roland Penrose.

    Dominique went to live in Mexico.

 1959 - 1960 Octavio Paz lived in her small Paris Apartment ->.

 2000? 12 June d.

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