1892 b. in a log cabin on Storm King Mountain, near Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York.
   American Writer. 
 1912 Moved to New York.

 1915 Moved to a semi communal Greenwich Village apartment. 
   Affair with Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven. 

 1916 or 1917 she lived with a socialist philosopher and critic named Courtenay Lemon.

 1918 and Berenice Abbott who moved into the apartment
    She also had a passionate affair with Mary Pyne attending her until she died in 1919.

 1921 Travelled to Paris.
    She was part of the inner circle and sometime lover of the salon hostess Natalie Barney, 
    who would become a lifelong friend and patron, as well as the central figure in Barnes's satiric 
    chronicle of Paris lesbian life, Ladies Almanack.

 1922 living with Thelma Wood.
    Interviewed James Joyce for Vanity Fair and he became a friend.
    Romantically involved with Nancy Cunard.

 1924 described Kiki for an American magazine, "Charm". 
    Affair with Gwen Le Gallienne. 
    Friendship with Mina Loy and Mary Reynolds the long term mistress of Marcel Duchamp.

 1926 Became great friends with Peggy Guggenheim and together with Natalie Barney and others 
    they bought an apartment for the impoverished Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven.

 1928 Published Ryder and Ladies Almanack. 
    Parted with Thelma Wood. By this time she had a severe alhohol habit.

 1932 and 1933 Wrote much of Nightwood during summers at Hayford Hall,
    (Hangover Hall) in Devon rented by Peggy Guggenheim who was supporting 
    her and continued to do so for most of the thirties.

 1936 Nightwood -> published. Edited by T. S. Eliot ->.

 1939 Attempted suicide; Guggenheim arranged for her to go back to New York.

 1943 Exhibited in Exhibition by 31 Women at Peggy Guggenheim's 
    Art of this Century (Portrait of Alice ->).

 1950 Realizing that alcoholism had made it impossible for her to function 
    as an artist, Barnes stopped drinking in order to begin work on her verse 
    play The Antiphon.

 1982 d. New York.

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