Oldest daughter of Reginald Brinton, chairman of a Carpeting manufacturer.
   Worked closely with Roger Fry -> as sub editor of The Burlington Magazine.

 1922 Secretary of the London Group.

 1925 Starts affar with Rupert Lee.

 1929 Rupert and Diana visit Paris.

 1935 Visits Malta and West Indies.

 1936 Jan; Resigned as Secretary to The London Group. 
   Recruited by Roland Penrose as Secretary to the organizing committee for the 
   International Surrealist Exhibition held at the Burlington New Galleries. Other Committee members were:
   Hugh Sykes Davies, David Gascoyne, Humphrey Jennings, Rupert Lee (her husband), 
   Henry Moore, Paul Nash, Roland Penrose, Herbert Read.
   Sept; Signed Declaration on Spain.

 1937 Organising relief for Spain especially for Basque school children.
   Secretary to Mass Observation -> movement, founders Charles Madge and Tom Harrisson.

 1938 Visits Germany.

 1940 Started War Diary - It Happened Like This: A Housewife's Diary of the Blitz.

 1944 Reported for the Mass Observation society.

 1946 Moved to Spain to San Roque near Gibraltar to a house owned by her father.

 1947 Fashion Plates for  Browns and Chester: Portrait of a Shop. 1780-1946 by Mass-Observation
   H. D. Willcock (Author), Diana Brinton Lee (Author), John Heartfield (Author)
   In the Poetry of RS Thomas -  The collection ends with in the shape of a poem about a drawing 
   by Diana Brinton Lee called Drawing by a Child.

 1959 Rupert died in a car accident in England which left her unhurt.

 1982 d.

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