1917 b. March 10th. in New York.
   American Sculptor, Photographer and Painter
   Cousin of Kay Sage.
 1930's, With no previous artistic training, he began to experiment with 
    color photography.

 1938 m. Susan Perkins.

 1940 Offered to sponsor Andre Breton, Jacqueline Lamba and Aube to 
   Exhibits with at Julien Levy and Peggy Guggenheim galleries in New York..

 1942 joined Surrealists. 
   Friendship with Max Ernst; 
   Meets Sonja Sekula.
   Worked with Andre Breton on VVV  which he edits.
   Meets Jacqueline Lamba, starts affair.

 1943 Joins jacqueline in Mexico at the home of Frida Kahlo

 1946 m. Jacqueline ~>.

 1947 Both travel to France.
   Provides original artwork for the catalogue of 
   Le Surrealisme en 1947 
   or Please Touch at Galerie Maeght, Paris; and Sculpture Anguish-Man 
   made to design of Frederick Kiesler.

 1948 Became a founding member, along with Mark Rothko, William Baziotes 
   and Robert Motherwell of the Subjects of the Artist School in New York.
   In Paris becomes friends with Alberto Giacometti.

 1950 Splits with Jacqueline.

 1991? m. Therry Frey.

 1992? d. Dec 21st. in Jackson Wyoming.

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