1912 b. December 27th.  
   English surrealist Painter, Collagist, Writer and lecturer; 
   Inspired by artists such as Max Ernst, Oscar Dominguez and Salvador Dali. 
           Surrealism is not like yoghurt; it has no sell by date

 1930 Key figure in the 

 1935 Encountered the Birmingham Surrealists Group meeting John Melville 
   and Robert Melville. 
   Other significant members included artists Emmy Bridgwater, Oscar Mellor 
   and the young Desmond Morris.
   The Melvilles introduced him to ZwemmerGallery? bookshop 
   in London, where he acquired books on Max Ernst and recent issues of the 
   French magazines Minotaure and Cahiers d'Art.
   Aquaintance Edouard Mesens, Roland Penrose, Herbert Read.

 1936 Attended the International Surrealist Exhibition in London (where he 
   had refused to exhibit).
   Maddox met Andre Breton, Max Ernst and Salvador Dali.

 1937 - 1939 Frequently visited Paris met Georges Hugnet who introduced 
   him to the Paris Surrealist group.

 1938 Joined the British Surrealist Movement.

 1939 Through the collagist Georges Hugnet, Maddox met Man Ray and 
   was introduced to the work of Hans Bellmer.
 1940 Onanistic Typewriter 
   and Cloak of Secrecy ->. 
   During the War the London Surrealists headed by  used to meet in the Barcelona restaurant. 
   Met George Melly.

 1948 m. Nan Burton.

 1955 divorced.

 1960's Affair Pauline Drayson.

 1963 Man Ray created a cartoon-like portrait of him.

 1978? Organized exhibition Surrealism Unlimited  at the Camden Art Centre.
    Met Mimi Parent.

 1979 Published book on Salvador Dali.
   Affair with 17 year old Deborah Mogg (Des).

 1986 met Jeffrey Sherwin.

 2005? d. January 14th.

   Scandalous Eye: The Surrealism of Conroy Maddox -> - Silvano Levy (2003).

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